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Annual contracts and other packages

The following EPS packages are available to Derbyshire schools to purchase for the period September 2018 to July 2019.
NB throughout this document, the word ‘session’ now refers to a total of 3 hours of EP work: up to 1.5 hours in school as well as an equivalent amount of time in the office carrying out analysis, research, report writing and associated communication relating to the work in question. If you purchase one session, this therefore includes both work in school and also all off-site work. This is a change for 2018-19 following feedback from schools and we hope that this will reduce confusion about costs.

This is free to all users.
The Bronze package includes a limited number of sessions for:
  • One annual support and planning meeting
  • Statutory / high needs work including: EHC Needs Assessments; work for tribunals; essential work for CYP with EHCPs or GRIPS
  • Limited amount of casework for other children and young people at high risk of permanent exclusion, where school have already followed a full range of reasonable steps to address the pupil’s needs, have accessed TAPS funding and where EP input is judged to be necessary

Schools can request to spot-purchase additional services throughout the year at a standard rate of £300 per session, which includes: site visit (up to 1.5 hours), and the offsite work described above. Please note that it will usually be necessary for an EP to be in school for two sessions to conduct an adequate assessment of a child’s needs (at a cost of £600). Staff training can also be spot-purchased. Agreement to these spot-purchase requests is subject to our capacity to respond. Under this package, there is a strong possibility that work may not be carried out by your link EP.
The Silver package is subsidised by the LA, who currently fund approximately two thirds of the total cost of the package; hence the sessions included in this package need to cover all statutory, LA and school priority work. The remaining cost of the package is charged to the subscribing school at £255.00 per session.
In addition to all the services provided in the Bronze package, Silver subscribers receive further sessions (including training, staff support and student interventions).
If schools subscribe to our silver package before 31 May 2018, they will be eligible for an Early Bird rate, where there is no increase to the 2017-18 price. Please note, when purchasing the Early Bird package, the higher price will be displayed, and the reduction will be applied manually following your purchase.
(Any sessions subsequently requested in addition to those included in the silver package – ‘spot-purchases’ throughout the year - are charged at the standard rate as outlined in the Bronze package above and are subject to our capacity to respond).
The Gold package has all the benefits of the Silver package – including the LA subsidy – with an increased discount for additional sessions, which are charged at just £240 at the point of subscribing.
There is no upper limit for sessions with this package, and your EP can advise you on how to make best use of the services. Simply tell us the number of additional sessions you would like to purchase in addition to your Silver subscription when you subscribe on the S4S website. Remember, this year, one additional session covers both 1.5 hours in school and also the equivalent time in the office.
[Again, any additional sessions which you request through the year – ‘spot-purchases’ – on top of your Gold package would be charged at the standard rate as outlined in the Bronze package above and are subject to our capacity.]

Critical Incident cover: This is now part of the service of the EPS to all schools; there is no charge for this service, irrespective of the level of cover which you have purchased.

Ad-hoc support and other services